Uber introduces “Quiet Mode” for those who want a cool car ride

Most people like to drive a taxi quietly without having to talk to the driver. Understanding this, Uber has introduced a “Quiet Mode” so passengers do not have to talk to the driver too much. However, the “silent system” is not available on all Uber cars but only on Uber luxury cars.

Passengers will need to pay a slightly higher fare if they want to take Uber taxis with a “quiet system”. Only higher-end taxis, such as the “Uber Black” and “Uber Black Suv,” use the “silent system.” Silent Uber taxi riders can listen to music without getting distracted while sleeping or take a nap.

If you want to use the silent system, you have to take a “Uber Black” or “Uber Black Suv” taxi. Once you’ve chosen your destination, click on “Ride Preferences” to see how you want to ride. Click on “Ride Preferences” to go to “Conversation”. In “Conversation”, select “Quite Mode” and click “Request Send Back”.