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Our galaxy has died once, and this is the second time

It would not be wrong to say that our galaxy is a zombie. He has died once. But unlike the zombie, it does not follow the brains of other galaxies. This is a Japanese scientist who discovered the chemical composition of the stars in our galaxy.

He studied the chemical composition of the stars in the galaxy

The stars in the Milky Way galaxy can be divided into two parts according to their chemical composition. In the first group, alpha elements such as oxygen, Magnesium Silicon Sulfur It is rich in calcium and titanium. The second group contains fewer alpha elements. These divisions indicate that something happened when the galaxy was first formed. However, the exact mechanism behind this incident is still unknown.

Professor Masafumi Noguchi, a scientist at Tohoku University, believes his model could provide the answer. The split between the two groups of stars is said to refer to the time when different stars formed. He said there was a time when stars did not form between them.